It was a simple goal really:  to change my internet provider which would mean a new email address. But I guess I never realized how important that address is! There are so many places to update before you discontinue one email package and move to another one. I began getting sense of panic about being disconnected from the world!

When I first got internet I did not even know what email was but now it is so important. It's your everything: address on all social media, the MLS and WebPages. That along with your cell phone number is almost who you are! It's kind of a scary world we live in now!

I was first just assigned an address based on my name. Really didn't give it much thought. Tom and I have shared the same address for years.  Wow how much life has changed in the 20 years since Tom and I started selling real estate! Now, I have spent many agonizing hours researching and trying to decide on new names. I read blog posts on what kind of email to use for a resume, best practices for business email, what are the top free email brands etc. It almost feels like you are having a baby!!

It's funny because in the end, I settled on an email based on my name. Switched from to! No real change after all. LOL!!

I did at least create an additional email name for strictly real estate related stuff ( and I gave Tom his own identity with his own personal email account. So I guess I did make some changes after all.

So now after delving into the digital world for a little while, back to selling homes!  With the knowledge and experience gained over the past 20 years our goal is to make buying or selling your home easy! Easier than choosing a new email name!